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Happy Holidays!

With Thanksgiving, Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday this has been a busy month already. We welcome all our new members and appreciate all the feedback that you have been supplying. Our goals always remain the same with our software releases; to build the BEST software available at an affordable price and offer the the most amazing customer support on the planet!



Instant Content Delivery Network

This massive update brings in not only super fast load times for pages, but Instant publishing across the world. As soon as you publish or update your pages from within ConvertPages, your pages are instantly updated no matter where in the world where your visitors access your site. A rebuilt way of how ConvertPages loads pages that now load pages faster than ever! We’ve now included a built-in ShortPixel image optimization tool that automatically optimizes your images after you upload them. We have also expanded our server infrastructure to handle more traffic and load content faster anywhere in the world.

Rules Feature (ConversionFlow Technology)

Set (even multiple) rules for launching a single step within a funnel for embedded funnels. Conditions can be set from a multitude of parameters including whether the site visitor is an existing lead, customer, or visitor of X amount of times, filters for current URL and referring URL, how long the visitor has been on the page, and even a set percentage of the page that has been scrolled (and more!).



A/B Step Split-Testing

You can now run A/B split-tests between steps within a funnel. Testing can be done in split increments of 10% ratios. More than one split-test may be ran in a single funnel. Winners can be picked based on traffic conversion, leads conversion, or sales conversion percentages.

“Null” Autoresponder Integration

You can now select a local only autoresponder from the forms “connections” list to have ConvertPages store the form submissions locally in your account. “More Actions” are still available.



Optin and Order Form Functionality

Massive overhaul to functions for adding and managing optin and order forms. Allow custom fields, sorting, email integrations, payment gateways and next step functionality.

New Help Section

Complete redesign of our help section. Helpful docs that you can search by category, keyword and is also linked to from various sections of the builder. Watch tutorials and animated gifs that help you better understand every function of the page builder!



Over 25 NEW Funnel Templates

Our Funnel Designer team has been hard at work over the last couple of months to produce a larger library of beautifully designed funnel templates that will get you ready to convert FAST. We will also be continually bringing out new funnels templates as we move forward :).


-MASSIVE improvements to builder load time UP TO 10X FASTER (this also helps with builder responsiveness & stability)

-Hosted pages now use Cloudflare caching for even faster page loading times

Properties Panel Size Increase

Properties panel in the builder is now taller and wider allowing you to easily see and use all the new features and menu options available (especially in the “Style” tab).

Min-Width (for Grids)

Grids (columns) now have the option to set a minimum width in the styling tab. This helps for advanced custom web-scaling as well scaling for popups.



800+ Fonts

Now including a large chunk of the Google font library also adding the ability to choose your own custom font weight

New Text Editor Element

A new fully featured WYSIWYG for text-based elements. Inline undo/redo, custom code, and more! Yes… emojis included

CSS Settings: Max-Width / Z-Index / Position (for Grids)

For those who are looking for more advanced settings to have even deeper customization of their pages, we have now included these custom CSS attributes to Grid elements (columns): max-width, z-index, and position. Using these together you can put together some really cool and unique designs!




ConvertPages now has section dividers! 31 dividers to be exact. These dividers are mobile responsive, pretty, and just the thing to make your pages look all the more “Pro”. We have also updated our older templates to include these.


Grid backgrounds now can have gradients! You can use up to three colors and customize the direction giving you even more control to build beautiful pages. We have also updated our older templates to include these.

All New Icons

We have completely changed out our Icons to use the newer Font Awesome 5 icon library giving you more modernly designed icons with a lot more icons to choose from.

Over 50 New Tutorial Videos

Our team hunkered down and updated all of our old tutorial videos and created new tutorial videos for almost every doc we have in the Help Menu, giving you everything you need to get started fast with ConvertPages!

Revamped Stats Section

Part of the new ConvertPages UI is a reworked Stats area to give you quick useful information on your funnels. You have a full blown UTM link manager now giving you the ability to see metrics per traffic source (and even per link) for any given time period.

All New Template Selector Interface (Again)

– Innovation never stops right?? We took some critical feedback on our last remodel of template selection and made a completely new approach. Now you answer simple questions to get the right template to have you launching funnels in minutes!

– With a template structure release, that also means new templates as well! Check them out in-app.

User Interface Update Part 2 (Fine Touches)

Touching up on completing the new ConvertPages look and feel. We’re all loving the new look! The stats section is reimagined as well as other spots in the app.


– Fixed bug with importing images with spaces in the filename.

User Interface Update (Face-lift)

Let’s face it, looks mean a lot, especially to us builders. So, we made the already modern and sleek ConvertPages app even more clean, bright, bold, and easier on the eyes and mind to design away the perfect page. ´╗┐Also, the new colors are just flat-out beautiful :).

Stripe Product Integration Upgrades

– You can now add coupons when adding existing products/subscriptions to automatically apply for a specific order form. The process is completely on the back-end so that the visitor does not need to enter the coupon while checking out.

– For subscription products, you can choose to remove a (or multiple) prior subscription for a purchaser. This allows for some very creative upsell sequences and product upgrade options in your conversion experiences.


– Removed “Launch” flow, replaced with Publish (save live) button

– Added reminder message to save your step for text-only modifications


– Bug with inline steps set to launch on page load

– Mobile responsive fix for external (step) pop ups.

All New Template Selector Interface

A whole new user-friendly flow for selecting a section, step, or full funnel templates with newly added templates! Creating a funnel and getting started in ConvertPages is faster than ever!


– Builder optimization for much faster load times.

– Undo/Redo fix


– Allow for use of root domain URL for custom domains

Server Upgrade (Overhaul)

Upgrading the ConvertPages infrastructure for massive speed improvements and load handling.


– Remove limitation of showing existing Stripe products when adding a new product

– Change template bug with returning to default state

– Tweaked default action type to be “Go to Next Step”


– Bug with anchor (internal scroll) links

– Scroll to top of page with popups while using a hosted page

The Beginnings

From its inception in late 2016 followed by two years of dedicated development… ConvertPages was birthed and geared up to completely revolutionize the way marketers convert online.

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